Greeting fellow anime lovers. Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy what you see. More than that I hope you can afford what you've found. I've had many friends and relatives admire my collection and offer to relieve me of its burden. Well, now it is for sale, the whole kit 'n kaboodle. This collection has taken me years to assemble, I've been working on it since 1995. It has been a labor of love albeit an expensive one. This collection is for sale, but will not be sold one item at a time. No, it will be sold as a whole both the anime and Heavy Metal together. The price - $25,000. Wow, is that a lot of money or what!?!?

If you happen to be rich and have a lot of money to throw around you can throw some here.

Many have asked why these cels are so expensive, good question. Animation is, for the most part, done on computers now. There are story boards and drawing but no cels. If you have seen Heavy Metal 2000, almost the entire movie was done on computers with a few drawings as reference material. (I happen to have some of those drawings.)

With more animation done on computers, animation cels are becoming more of a rarity. Those who have them are reluctant to part with them, those who will demand a pretty penny. I have been collecting cels for nearly ten years so those cels I possess are dear to me.

Please enjoy my mini-art collection and if you happen to have won the lottery remember it can all be yours. Please email me at

CORRECTION: This link will take you to a for sale page where you may find a cel or two I'm willing to part with SALE PAGE




Angel of Darkness / Bondage Queen Kate / Gal Force

 La Blue Girl

Miscellaneous and Unknown
       Battle Athletes, Cream Lemon, Midnight Panther, etc.

 Nippon Ichi no Otoko no Tamashii
                  (The Soul of the best guy in Japan)

Venus 5


(That Girl!)

Heavy Metal / Heavy Metal 2000

Harry Canyon


 So Beautiful So Dangerous